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  • Become the most complete and leading company about Small Animals
  • Advancing the world of Indonesian Small Animals


  • Marketing quality product, unique and many variants
  • Educating new hobbyists about Small animals 
About Us

Onel Pets

Beginning started in Indonesia, we supply pets Owner allround Indonesia with highest quality pet product. Our products came from allround the World. We love to complete many variants because we know every Small animals have different needs.

We create Online platform to provide and reach hobbyists who come from outside Jabodetabek and the peoples who cannot go out for buy their small animals equipment.

It's not only about products, we have other services like Grooming, Pet Care and Pet Hotel. especially for  all service customer must visit our store. Our grooming is the most popular service and top picks. We know that grooming is not about cut bunny hair or nail clipping , its about bond, loves and patient. And about Onel Pet Care, you can consul about scabies and mites, if your rabbit or guinea pig got scabies, we can inject medicine and give you advice about the illness.

Our pet hotel always available , you know its still on progress to renov but still operation.

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